REBORN!! WEBOUWU!! DA OTTER BOY!!! DA OTTER TO MY SEAL!! you are so fucking cool and i think you are like the purest person of all don't do anything malicious you just play fighting games and watch naruto like...that's the life sounds fun. I love talking to you and adding you to wumby bumby was decision tbh. you are the biggest red velvet stand and I UNDERSTAND NOW. hold on, let me listen to some red velvet rn.

talking to you and joking with you is so much fun. you definitely do shine in group settings, which i believe is a good thing. you get along with people a lot and i like that. i love hearing you gush about your boyfriend it's like...i support you so much. of course i would, honestly. you're really supportive of me being a girl and it's so fucking heartwarming.

i wish you sooo much luck and i hope you have many good days. sending many blessings to you, dear!! woo woo!!!

wumby bumby in animal crossing

"yeah... but that’s spoilers for bipolar 2"

"I mean you weren’t naked on screen so it wasn’t terrible"

every single beastars gif and meme you send

"finna boutta sleep and cum after"

"Sauske retrieval arc he’s going for his gay boyfriend"

"idk sometimes I see some furries get leashed with a collar and then they get their ass fucked"

beastars, otters, beaches, ocean, pizza, animel crossing, the word poggers, the existence of underwear, cafe aesthetic, naruto, big thick ass art.

we're matching faris and fuyuhiko...bwah bwah. i lov u.