bruh moment. hi salted!!! we talk quite a bit but not personally. i really like you!! you're a really funny guy and i may poke at you a bit but i really care for you and love you. i feel like you complete something i'm missing. you're sooooo fucking fun!! everything about you is super cool. your music taste, your visual taste, your fucking MUSIC!!! you gotta teach me how to do music sometimes like what's yr your fl studdiooo to meeee pwease. but seriously, i care a lot for you and i'm sorry your family is some fucking cucks sometimes. fuck californian women they all the same.

i love the way we joke around and we just get each other in that way. all the fucking back and forth jokes and giggling like fucking idiots. watching you play drug dealer sim and yelling when the cops are on you bc YOU GOTTA RUN!!!! it's suuuch a good time with you. I can't really think of a time i was with you where i wasn't enjoying myself.

it's a little scary when you say i make you feel inferior. i'm genuinely sorry for that shit. i don't think i'm above you or anything. you actually do a lot of things better than i do. hearing you talk about your A/V job was sooo interesting. i loved seeing the scenery and equipment. you're a very smart and cool guy. you got tha cool hacker glasses, kyehehe. but seriously i love you sooo much you're a lot of fun.

"i love chinese"

"i'm going to have a difficult time supressing my urge to murder you."

"woke niqabi fashion saves the huuman race"

"might fuck around and sexy clone jutsu :flushed:"

"Disregard science, obtain psychedelics"

"do you poop irl?"

jpegmafia, machine girl, old web, server hardware, digital audio workshops, video editing, fucked up electronic music, vaporwave, future funk, red velvet, psychedelics, cyberpunk settings, urban settings, drug researc/statistics, pharmacology.

we're matching rock lee...i don't think you even have any k words, honestly.