hmph. this is my arch rival. my nemesis. my evil twin. my murderer in a past life. the one who put cust in the shoebox. but my right hand man at the same time. you're honestly so much fun just to be around and you make me smile whenever we talk. when we talk to each other...i cant help but burst out laughing. when you make jokes w me i just feel at ease. i hope you think i'm fun the way i think you are. you already know about my feelings for you and i'm so relieved that you don't think of me in a bad light because of it. i love hearing you talk to me about yourself and what you like. funny little experiences you've had. i love sharing stories with you and hearing you laugh to them. i love talking with you in text too!! trading funny stuff that reminded us of each other back and forth. even if your video_0.mp4s are pretty damn scary.

i trust you so much because i know you wouldn't do something to break that trust. you're genuinely such a fucking cool guy! someone i look up to! you have really good taste in things and you've even shared some of your weird wisdoms with me. i love how playfully pretend rough you are, acting all arrogant like you're the best. having those personal talks with you also open my eyes a bit. you're genuinely a good guy, y'know. you really give me a lot of inspiration to keep striving to be a better person. i'm thinking a lot about how you said that being sympathetic is being a part of what makes the world good. i'm tired of being so scared of others. thanks to you, i feel a lot more at ease with myself knowing that i'll be working towards that.

i'm with you 100 percent and i'm so happy that we met, moth. keep working hard like you always do, you're doing great. i can't wait for the animation you're making btw. your plans on surpassing guys like him and becoming "the best furry artist" will come to be, trust me. i'll have fun watching it happen.

i hope to continue spending time with you, moth. and if you actually do end up reading this, i'm not asking to bottom for you or anything but can you please give me some pets. thnk u xoxo.'ll top me someday, you stupid sexy huge moth.

"you wouldn't understand and that's okay. not everyone can be me."

"i'm kind of the patriarchy myself."

"el alieno"

"you are like the assault dog"

"welcome to the mandatory fluffedwings insanity chamber"

"You ever walk outside your house but its not its actually right off a cliff and you just start falling to terminal velocity towards the hills below."

"cause you look like that."

"koreans dont have cities actually so ur wrong benz"

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