ahahah and then what. bruh it's been so long since we've met and honestly it was kinda like God's Plan by drake that we became friends. you're the funniest fucking person, like seriously. talking to you is never really disappointing and i always find myself having fun. it's soooo nice to talk to you and you are literally based department in my heart forever. you're my ride or die. you are litchrally my bestie. you are so fucking perfect and i think about you a lot. i try not to worry about you but i do end up hoping that you're taking care of yourself, yknow.

you're really smart and you know quite a bit about things that i'm too much of a dummy to know about. i love saying terrible shit to you and hearing your reaction because it's just absolutely fucking hilarious. our bond is something really unexplainable, but i guess it's for the best. only we can understand it, yknow that feel?

hearing you read peoples signs and charts and whatnot is always a fuckin blast. it's a shame you've been through the things that you have and also the way people have treated you. that's like such fucking bullshit. but you're doing so great and i hope we get to hang out soooo much more bro. you're always there for me, so of course i'll always be there for you.

"he's like stupid stupid"


"why we always gotta fight at cheesecake you know i love to go there?"



"YEAH shut up HOE!!"

"i'm coping so hard"

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we're matching too much to fucking list, bro.